A list of firearms featured in the Ace Combat series.

Infantry weapons

Heckler & Koch HK53

A carbine of German origin, the HK53 is a carbine version of the HK33 assault rifle. This weapon is used by soldiers and military police of the Federal Republic of Erusea's occupation forces in San Salvacion in the cutscenes of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.


File:Soldier Firing M16.jpg
An American assault rifle manufactured by Colt, which is used by many armies in the world today. Initially featured in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, the weapon is wielded by soldiers in the intro scene for "Final Option", and uses them to attack the Wardog Squadron as they escape with stolen Hawk jets. The rifles used in the sequence are A1 models fitted with A2 handguards, and use 40-round magazines.

The weapon later makes an appearance in the introduction of Ace Combat Zero, which shows a picture of a soldier with a similar rifle.

Beretta 92F

A handgun produced by the Beretta firm, the 92F is the main sidearm of the Osean Armed Forces. In the ending of "White Noise" in The Unsung War, one such gun is used by Kei Nagase to hold an enemy soldier at gunpoint Later on, another 92F is used by Orson Perrault in "Final Option" to kill Albert Genette and Wolfgang Buchner, but fails. In the latter's case, six shots are fired before the magazine goes empty, contrasting with the pistol's actual 15-round capacity.

SIG SG 540

The SIG 540 is used by Emmerian Partisans in one cutscene where they held up Melissa and Ludmilla as an Estovakian flight of A-10s distracted them, allowing the two to escape. The Partisan attempts to shoot them but the gun ends up jamming on him

Fictional assault rifle


Walther PP

Vehicle weapons

Browning M2

Used by Emmerian partisans in one cutscene as they attempt to fend off a starfing run of Estovakian A-10s. However the attempt turns out to be futile





A Soviet post-war rocket launcher

FIM-92 Stinger

Carl Gustav

A Swedish made anti-tank recoilless rifle. Was used by ISAF ground forces during Operation: Bunker Shot.

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