"This is the Osean First Fighter Wing. I just knocked out the Brigade Commander. We'd also like to help."
Osean helicopter crewman[1]

The First Fighter Wing, or Osean Airborne Brigade First Battalion (オーシア空挺旅団第一大隊) according to the Japanese version, was an Osean Air Defense Force helicopter squadron that served in the Circum-Pacific War. The squadron played an important role in the Battle of Sudentor in late 2010.


On December 30, 2010, the First Fighter Wing received Harling's and Nikanor's address that called for an end to hostilities between Osea and Yuktobania. The brigade commander, unconvinced by the speech, was knocked unconscious by his subordinates, who decided to head for Sudentor, North Osea to confront the war's true instigators.[1]

The helicopter squadron―along with other Osean and Yuktobanian forces―allied itself with Razgriz Squadron and supported the assault on Gründer Industries' tunnel facility. During the engagement, the Razgriz suppressed anti-aircraft fire around the tunnel entrance, allowing the First Fighter Wing to land on the control facilities' roofs and open the tunnel's entrance shutter.[2]


  • The English designation "First Fighter Wing" appears to be a translation error. Since the unit is only seen operating transport helicopters and was marked as "Friend Osean Helicotper" in the mission "ACES".


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