"They are a brave bunch of soldiers. I'll give them that."
Larry Foulke

"Flicker of Hope" is the fifth campaign mission in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. The player is tasked with defending airborne troops and destroying ground installations.


The mountain town of Solis Ortus is located just outside Ustio's capital, Directus. The Allied Forces will deploy airborne troops, comprised primarily of Osea's 101st Airborne Division, over Solis Ortus, in a surprise air and ground attack on the Belkan forces. This operation will play a critical role in Ustio's liberation. Your mission is to provide support for the airborne troops. Destroy Belka's surface-to-air defence network and all interceptor aircraft, securing a safe drop zone for the airborne troops. Be aware of civilians still inside Solis Ortus. Your actions will determine their fate. Good luck.


The mission's objective is to destroy all enemy anti-air defenses that are marked TGT. Once several of them are destroyed, enemy fighters will appear as TGTs that must be destroyed as well.

The mission is completed when all TGTs are destroyed.

Enemy Lists[]

The following enemy lists are taken from the Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Perfect Guide Book.[1]

Standard Units[]

Unit Points Count Difficulty Other Notes
Icon-AirTGT F-16C 320 2×2 [note 1]
Icon-AirTGT F-16C 320 2+1 [note 2]
Icon-AirTGT F-16C 320 2 [note 3]
Icon-AirTGT F-20A 320 2 Normal (or below) [note 4]
400 2 Hard (or above)
Icon-GroundTGT AA GUN 100 12
Icon-GroundEnemy SAM 120 12 [note 5]
Icon-GroundNeutral TENT S 150 4
Icon-GroundNeutral TENT M 200 3

Special Units[]

AR # Unit Points Campaign
Ace Style Notes
Icon-AirEnemy 038 A-10A "Fischer" 860 Very Easy [note 6]
Icon-AirEnemy 039 F-16C "Trinker" 980 Expert [note 7]
Icon-AirEnemy 040 F-16XL "Dichter" 1020 Very Easy Mercenary [note 8]
Icon-AirEnemy 041 F-2A "Spieler" 1080 Very Easy Soldier [note 8]
Icon-AirEnemy 042 F-20A "Anwalt" 820 Very Easy Knight [note 8]
Icon-AirEnemy 043 MiG-31 "Schwan" 1160 Ace [note 9]

S Rank[]

Earning an S rank on this mission requires clearing it in 9 minutes or less.[1] 9 minutes is more than enough time to destroy all of the TGTs. The player should prioritize destroying all AA GUNs and SAMs to keep the transports and paratroopers safe.


Operation Varsity succeeded. Ground troops are now en route to Solis Ortus. It won't be long now before Ustio is liberated.



  1. When these two F-16Cs are shot down, two more will spawn.
  2. When these two F-16Cs are shot down, one more will spawn.
  3. These F-16Cs will spawn after the player destroys eight or more AA GUNs.
  4. These F-20As only spawn after the player destroys eight or more AA GUNs and shoots down the two F-16Cs spawned by that condition.
  5. These SAMs do not fire on the player on Very Easy and Easy difficulty.
  6. "Fischer" spawns to the west after all non-yellow ground units are destroyed. Unlocks the A-10A's Special color.
  7. "Trinker" spawns after the player destroys 16 or more TGTs, as long as no allied transport was shot down.
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 "Dicther", "Spieler", and "Anwalt" spawn after the player shoots down both TGT F-20As.
  9. "Schwan" spawns after the player shoots down eight TGT aircraft.