Flicker of Hope is the fifth mission of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.


In preparation for the upcoming liberation of Directus, Ustio's capital, the Allied Forces carry out an operation to free the nearby mountain town of Solis Ortus from Belkan control. The attack sees the Galm Team escorting C-130 transports carrying the Osean 122nd Airborne Division, who are tasked with paradropping into the town.

Galm disables the anti-air defenses surrounding Solis Ortus and escort the transports into local airspace, allowing the paratroopers to drop into the town. After the troops are on the ground, they aid the C-130s as they leave the mission airspace, covering them from airborne Belkan reinforcements.


  • A-10A Fischer: appears in the northwestern portion of the combat area when the final wave of enemy fighters arrive.
  • F-16C Trinker
  • F-16XL Dichter
  • F-2A Spieler
  • F-20A Anwalt
  • MiG-31 Schwann


  • The opening briefing mistakenly states that the paratrooper detachment involved in the mission is the "101st Airborne Division". In modern history, the 101st Airborne was a paratrooper division of the United States Army involved in various major operations in World War II, being another link between the Belkan War and WWII.
  • Shortly after the mission begins, as the commander of the 122nd says the line "use that anger to get fired up and take 'em out", wind begins audibly blowing as their transport's cargo door opens. This is one of the only gameplay lines to include sound effects that are not dialogue.


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