The Folkvangr was one of two Dragonet-class submarines belonging to the Federation of Central Usea's navy and commandeered by the Usean Rebel Forces during the Usean coup d'état.[1]



The Folkvangr was created sometime in the late 20th century by the FCU. Like its sister ship, the Fensalir, the nuclear-powered Folkvangr was designed to serve a ballistic-missile launch platform.

Usean coup d'état

At some point during the Usean coup d'état, the Folkvangr, along with its sister ship, was seized by the Usean Rebel Forces.[1]

On September 7, 1998, the same day Saint Ark was liberated by the Allies, the rebel forces planned to launch an SLBM at the city and obliterate it. The rebels equipped the Folkvangr with an advanced ballistic missile, which used A.I. technology to change its course mid-flight, like an aircraft.[2] Having sunk the first Dragonet-class submersible nearly two months earlier, Phoenix was chosen to destroy the Folkvangr before it could launch its SLBM payload. The Folkvangr was ultimately sunk during the engagement, but not before it successfully launched the ballistic missile at Saint Ark.[3][4]


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