"All friendly aircraft, cover me while I land."
― Lt. Col. Ford[1]

Lieutenant Colonel Ford (first name unknown) was an Osean Air Defense Force officer serving as the commander of Wardog Squadron at the outbreak of the Circum-Pacific War in 2010.


After Captain Jack Bartlett was shot down on September 27, Ford flew to Sand Island from the Osean mainland to assume control of the squadron. Upon arriving, Ford discovered that the island was under intense bombardment from Yuktobanian aircraft. Ford ignored the Sand Island control tower's denial of his landing clearance and approached the base. He was shot down and killed by a Yuktobanian fighter shortly thereafter.[1] Command of Wardog Squadron subsequently fell into the hands of the current flight leader, Blaze.


  • During the attack, Ford's plane can be spotted coming in from offshore. It is possible to fly along with it and witness it explode. However, when Ford is hit, no bullets or missiles are fired at him, and his plane does not explode for a few seconds after.
  • Despite being threatened by Ford just before he was presumably killed, Chopper is the only one who acknowledges and informs the rest of the squadron that Ford was shot down: according to radio chatter, he says "He's trailing fire! The Lieutenant Colonel's gone down!"