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Fort is the second campaign mission in Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.


"A portion of Aurelian front line defenses have
collapsed under the pressure of ongoing Leasath attacks.
Planting a foothold beyond the gap created,
Leasath ground forces'[sic] have begun the main phase of
their invasion.
The enemy is focused on Griswall, our capital city.

Between the Aurelia/Leasath border and the capital city, Griswall, lies Base Sallqa. Aurelia's army logistics and air defense command are both stationed at Sallqa. It is a strategically vital military command facility. Surrender of Base Sallqa to the enemy would mean the
surrender of our capital, Griswall.
We must fight to the death to defend Sallqa.

Reports from Aurelian ground troops in the region inform that
the invading Leasath powers are comprised of
mainly armored tanks with anti-aircraft capability.
Aurelian defense orders the Falco squadron,
responsible for saving Phuku Lagolla base from destruction, to carry out point defense of the area.