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Fort Grays Airport (フォート・グレイス空港)[1] is an airport located on Fort Grays Island, east of the Usean continent. By the late 2030s, the airport was owned and managed by General Resource Limited.


Within the Nemo simulation program, two possible outcomes involved Nemo joining General Resource at the beginning of their simulated armed conflict with Neucom Incorporated. To do this, Nemo followed Abyssal Dision to Fort Grays Airport to defect to the company.[2]

The following day, images of Nemo's aircraft landing at Fort Grays were leaked to the news media, prompting General Broadcasting System's General News Today program to discuss the possibility of inadequate security at General Resource's facilities. Through a video conference, Dision, then the commander of General Resource's defense forces, dismissed these claims and stated that the company knew of Nemo's defection ahead of time. He also stated that they were investigating into how images from airport cameras were leaked to news media.[3]


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