Fort Norton is a Emmerian mining city located on the Alma River. It was captured by the Estovakian Army during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1]


Due to the Emmerian military's rapid advance towards Gracemeria, Estovakia threatened to use a WMD catalyst on the city's civilian populous; the catalyst was then moved to Fort Norton.[1]

Emmeria then deployed Garuda Team to dispose of the threat. They flew into the canyon at low altitude as to avoid radar detection and destroyed all ground facilities along the path. Garuda Team would eventually come across the catalyst transport squad and destroy it. While ex-filtrating the airspace, they were engaged by numerous Estovakian Air Force squadrons and were forced to defend themselves.[1] After an arduous engagement, Emmerian reinforcements finally arrived and made quick work of the Estovakian fighters.[1]


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