"I thought it'd been demolished ages ago. Must have survived thanks to that asteroid threat. What a pain."
Ulrich Olsen

Fortress Intolerance was a missile launch installation located in North Point, Usea. Its original purpose is unclear, but it was scheduled to be demolished sometime in the late 20th century. Following the discovery of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid, the facility was kept standing as a potential defensive weapon against the asteroid.

During the Usean coup d'état in 1998, the Usean Rebel Forces took over Fortress Intolerance and used it as their final backup headquarters. The facility was destroyed by Phoenix in September 1998.


Fortress Intolerance was developed sometime in the 20th century for an unknown purpose. It was scheduled to be demolished by the 1990s.[1] After the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid was revealed to the world in 1996, various defense efforts were created in order to keep the asteroid from wiping out humanity.[2] Fortress Intolerance was deemed suitable for taking part in the effort, thus its demolition was called off.[1]

When the Usean coup d'état broke out two years later, the Usean Rebel Forces captured Fortress Intolerance and took over the missile launch systems. They repurposed it to become their backup headquarters should they have lost their main HQ in Saint Ark, including utilizing a first-generation ADF-01 FALKEN equipped with the Zone of Endless project to defend the facility from air attack.[1][3]

After Saint Ark was liberated by the Usean Allied Forces - thanks to assistance from Scarface Squadron - the rebels decided to use Fortress Intolerance's missiles to attack Yuktobania, blame the Allied Forces and Osea's support of the southern Usean countries, and escape in the ensuing worldwide conflict. The Allied Forces responded by sending Scarface Squadron to directly assault the fortress. Phoenix destroyed the FALKEN defending the facility despite its advanced tech, and then damaged the exterior of the facility, forcing the rebels to open a large air vent to get rid of the smoke from the ensuing fires. Phoenix entered the vent and destroyed the large ICBM contained within, causing the entire facility to explode and ending the conflict.[1][3]


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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +

Ace Combat 2


  • Megalith, the missile launch facility featured at the end of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, is known for resembling Fortress Intolerance in function, design, and destruction.
    • Phoenix and Mobius 1 fly out of their respective facilities at the end of their respective missions in a similar fashion as well.
    • Close analysis of the tunnels within Megalith, particularly in the central heat vent, indicate that the textures on the walls are the same ones used on the walls of Fortress Intolerance in Ace Combat 2.