"We have to destroy the radar right when the count reaches zero. Watch your timing."
Kei Nagase

Four Horsemen is the twelfth mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It is widely regarded as one of the most infamous missions in the series, largely because of the timing precision required during the first stage.


We have confirmed the existence of a Yuktobanian munitions factory in the arid region of Sonza. According to our information, they have already produced a new shipment of arms, that are about to be airlifted to the front by a squadron of enemy transport aircraft. Carry out an attack on the facility, and keep these transports from making their delivery. Unfortunately, this factory is well protected by a solid radar network. The network consists of a group of interlinked radar sites. If even one radar site goes offline, the system is designed to immediately report the problem to the factory. However, according to our analysis, if all four radar sites can be destroyed simultaneously, then we will be able to delay the warning of our attack. Thanks to jamming from our electronic warfare planes, we've just managed to open up a attack corridor to the radar sites. Your squadron will split up and fly four routes. Infiltrate the area, synchronise your attacks, and destroy all four radar sites at the same time.



The mission's first objective is to destroy all radar sites. Nagase will give a countdown for the destruction of each radar site. Each radar site must be destroyed in the last three seconds of each countdown, or the mission will end in failure. Occasionally, Nagase will restart the countdown; the radar must be destroyed in the last three seconds of the new countdown.

Mission Update

After all radar sites are destroyed, the mission's new objective is to destroy all ground TGTs at the munitions factory. In addition, there are several transports that must be destroyed before they leave the map. Destroying all TGTs ends the mission.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires earning 15,000 points.[1]


The Yuktobanian munitions factory was destroyed, and the weapons inside the transport planes were eliminated. With this operation we have succeeded in dealing a severe blow to the enemy's weapons production effort. Yuktobania's weapons development capability will now be lagging considerably behind Osea.



  • One of five special hangars housing parts for the ADF-01 FALKEN can be found in this mission. It is located within the base next to a SAM site, but does not register on radar until after destroying the majority of the base.
    • Dialogue during this mission seems to allude to the base's purpose in testing and developing the FALKEN, as Yuktobanian soldiers reference a special project and Archer mentions that the amount of security for the seemingly normal base "smells fishy".