"How about I fly between the buildings and give 'em a nice little air show?"
― Freddie Durand patrolling Gracemeria[1]

Freddie Durand, callsign Avalanche, is a Republic of Emmeria Navy fighter pilot and flight lead of the 2nd Strike Fighter Squadron, Avalanche Squadron.[2] He was one of the many pilots who flew during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[3]

His numerous sorties during the war gained him combat experience, which allowed Durand to become a central part of the Navy's air wing. He now stands alongside Garuda Team as an inspiration to the citizens of Emmeria.[2]

He is said to be quite a good-looking guy with a sense of reassuring confidence, which helped him and his fellow pilots get through the war.[2]



Freddie Durand was assigned to be flight leader of the 2nd Strike Fighter Squadron shortly before the Emmeria-Estovakia War began.[2]

Emmeria-Estovakia War[]

His first known deployment was during the Invasion of Gracemeria at the onset of the war. He and his squadron, alongside the Garuda Team, were forced to abandon the city and retreat after the insurmountable power of the P-1112 Aigaion's Nimbus missiles. Lacking in combat experience,[2] he suffered through the humiliation of abandoning Gracemeria.[4]

Him along with a substantial amount of Emmerian forces, fled to Khesed Island where their last stronghold lied in Vitoze.[5] The Estovakian Air Force shortly after commenced bombing operations to put a quick end to the war, however their bombing runs failed.[6]

After the Bombing of Vitoze, Freddie and his team became an important part of the Emmerian liberation force and went on to rescue the remaining allied forces who were surrounded at Silvat.[7] Avalanche Squadron worked with Garuda Team in a number of important operations, most notable of those being the assault on the Aerial Fleet,[8] Operation Free Gracemeria[9] and destroying the Chandelier.[10]