"Antares Squadron, launch."
― Burford, before mission begins

Fredric Burford is a leader of the private military company Martinez Security, and is one of the player's commanders in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

As previously mentioned, Fredric is a combat commander of the Martinez Security Air Force (MSAF). He had previously served in the Air Force, and is now a ground commander of the MSAF. He is a highly trusted man of Martinez's forces.


Burford is shown to be a very responsible man which can be seen after Rigel Squadron defected from Martinez Security, Burford blamed himself for their betrayal. He also is shown to be calm and very trusting of Antares. He is also known for having a strong sense of justice, going as far as leaving the IUPF to fight the Golden Axe Plan. It is also known that he has a daughter living on the US West Coast but Burford said that "She doesn't need a father hanging around, not at her age."


  • Oddly, he appears in the missions Steel Axe and Alarm Clock, which is new considering that no other Ace Combat game includes the AWACS/radio operator in a mission.
  • His callsign is a reference to a star in the constellation Carina named Canopus.

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