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A frigate is a small naval warship, typically used in an escort role for larger vessels in a fleet.

Cassard-class frigate (ACI)

A Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Cassard-class frigate

They have made frequent appearances in the Ace Combat series, as both allied NPCs and enemy targets.



Erusea was known to have used frigates during the Continental War. Several frigates that were part of the Aegir Fleet were either in Comberth Harbor or attempting to flee when they were sunk during the raid on Comberth Harbor. [1]

Both Osea and Yuktobania are known to have used frigates during the Circum-Pacific War. Several frigates were part of a Yuktobanian blockade during the Bombing of St. Hewlett; a group of warships led by the OFS Kestrel broke through the blockade and escaped. [2] Several frigates were part of a fleet that provided fire support for the Yuktobanian invasion of Sand Island; they were sunk with the rest of the fleet, and the invasion ended in failure. [3] Frigates were part of the nationalist Yuktobanian and Osean fleets that fought the Kestrel Fleet during Operation Glory Horn. [4]

Both Leasath and Aurelia are known to have used frigates during the Aurelian War. During the Liberation of Port Patterson, several Leasath frigates were part of the fleet assigned to escort transport ships on their way to Port Patterson; however, the entire fleet was sunk by Gryphus One. [5]

Assault Horizon universe[]

The New Russian Federation is known to have used at least one frigate during its uprising.

Infinity universe[]

Both the United Nations Forces and the USEA Federation are known to have used frigates during Operation Eternal Liberation.

Named Units[]

Erusean Navy[]

  • Taisch
  • Thiassi

Osean Maritime Defense Force[]

Yuktobanian Navy[]



  • In Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (especially the former), frigates are incorrectly labeled and called out as destroyers. For example, in Sea of Chaos, when sinking the Cassard-class frigate OFS Iolite, the Kestrel's CIC will call out "Osean destroyer Iolite sunk!"[6]
    • It should be noted that, while the French government considers the Cassard-class a frigate, the ship's displacement and armament are much more typical of a destroyer, and are generally referred to as such outside of the French Navy. Therefore, the game's designation system is not entirely incorrect.[7]