Zircon, a Valahian fuelcar

Fuelcars are vehicles used for the transportation of fuel across land. Fuelcars have a distinctive "box" shape allowing for maximum storage.

However, they have one major disadvantage; the fuel stored within the vehicle is volatile meaning that if the fuelcar was attacked, the fuel is in grave danger of igniting and therefore exploding.

Fuelcars have made limited appearances in the Ace Combat series, starting with Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.



Fuelcars had seen very limited use in the Strangereal universe, it is not known how far back their deployment goes.

A fuelcar was seen in Gunther where it was operated by the Usean Rebel Forces. It was most likely for transporting the fuel produced by Opera House. When Scarface Squadron destroyed the fuelcar, no explosion followed suggesting that it was empty.[1]

Joint Assault universe

A single Valahian fuelcar, callsign Zircon, was seen in Saudi Arabia. When Antares Squadron destroyed the fuelcar, no explosion followed which meant that it was empty.[2]


Fuelcars make an appearance in the non-canon mission The Wasteland. Destroying them will result in an explosion that destroys any nearby vehicles. [3]

Named Units

  • Zircon (Valahia)



  • Fuelcar models appear to float several meters above the ground when viewed from certain angles.
  • In The Wasteland, the Hamlet Unit's fuelcars are marked as "SP Vechicles"[sic] instead of "Fuelcars".
  • The fuelcars that appear in the series are modified A-MB-3 airport crash tenders of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.[4]


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