Arkbird G7 Summit

The G7 Summit in 2008, on board the Arkbird

The G7 Summit is a multinational meeting of several countries in Strangereal, whose members include the Osean Federation, the Union of Yuktobanian Republics, the Republic of Anea, the Federation of Central Usea, Verusa, the Nordlands, and the former Federal Republic of Erusea (along with its interim postwar government).[1]


In 2007, the Democratic Federation of Wellow was selected to host the G7 Summit. A neutral, "borderless" area of open water off Wellow's coast was chosen as the meeting site. However, the summit was immediately canceled after a terrorist attack occurred in a nearby bay.[2]

One year later, the Osean Federation hosted the next G7 Summit, which was held on board the Arkbird maneuverable spacecraft. Osea personally invited representatives from the provisional government of Erusea to help promote peace on the Usean continent. The 2008 meeting was notable for its historic push to ratify several anti-proliferation treaties, including a Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and a Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. The move was seen as solidifying the bonds between Osea and Yuktobania, as well as the nations of the world.[1]


  • The G7 is a reference to the real Group of Seven/Eight in international economics.
    • This could imply that Strangereal's G7 is also an annual gathering of economically advanced nations, and that its members represent the largest economies in Strangereal.


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