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Gaiuss Tower is a tall skyscraper located in the center of Griswall.[1]


Gaiuss Tower is notable for being the tallest structure in Aurelia. It is a landmark of Griswall, if not for all of Aurelia. It was built as a symbol of the country's peace and unity.[1]


The tower is very recognizable, and appears to have an excess of a hundred floors.[citation needed] During the Aurelian War, Gaiuss Tower was used as a base for commander Diego Gaspar Navarro, who also used the tower to hold personal ceremonies and parties, while Griswall was still occupied by Leasath.[1]The tower was also defended by the Meson Cannon.

Towards the end of the war, Gaiuss Tower, along with the capital, were retaken by Aurelia. This forced Navarro to flee to Sentry Island.[1]




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