"Gamer has confirmed launch for Camilla."
― Unknown[1]

Gamer is an unidentified entity.


  • Gamer is interestingly pronounced "Gaimar" by the English voice actor who mentions his name. This may be a reference to Geoffrey Gaimar, a well-known chronicler of medieval literature. Gaimar was best known for L'Estoire des Engles, in which he connected the Arthurian legend of King Arthur to that of the sword of Excalibur. Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War is notable for its Arthurian references, especially to both King Arthur and Excalibur.
  • The name "Gamer" may imply that Camilla herself is a video gamer, following a common theory that Camilla is unaware of her actions and, to her, is simply playing a video game.


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