The Gandr was the prototype of the Gleipnir manufactured by Leasath.



Created as a prototype, the Gandr possessed thrust 20 times more powerful than a regular fighter. The Gandr was also theoretically capable of annihilating entire fleets.[1]


The Gandr was forced into early service following a strict order by Leasath's military command, despite opposition from its engineers.[1]

While an Aurelian fleet, escorted by Falco One, was en route to Griswall, the Gandr quickly annihilated the fleet with an SWBM. Falco One quickly engaged the Gandr, along with the Chimera Squadron sent to protect it. The airborne fortress was ultimately sunk after a long battle.[2]



  • Following the trend of Norse mythological naming of Leasath's experimental weapons, the name "Gandr" appears to be a shortened form of Jormungandr, the "world serpent" that is slain by Thor in Ragnarok, who later dies after being poisoned by it.


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