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"This is a Peacekeeping Force forward base near Erusean territory."
― Gardos Air Base Commander

Gardos Air Base[1] is an IUN-PKF forward base located near Farbanti. It was used during the Lighthouse War by the Osean Long Range Strategic Strike Group in the confusion following Operation Giant's Step.


The Long Range Strategic Strike Group landed at Gardos Air Base following the fall of Farbanti and the loss of crucial Osean satellites that led to complete chaos within the Usean continent. The LRSSG operated from Gardos Air Base for key operations following Operation Giant's Step, including the failed escort of Erusean general Édouard Labarthe[2], the relief of the Tyler Island invasion force[3], the unsanctioned Operation Beehive[4], and the assault on the Arsenal Bird Justice. Following Operation Daredevil, the LRSSG did not return to Gardos due to two unidentified aircraft attacking them in the aftermath of the Arsenal Bird's destruction. Instead, they retreated to the abandoned Osean aircraft carrier Admiral Andersen[5]. Nothing is known of Gardos Air Base following Operation Daredevil.


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