All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The Belkan Air Force 18th Air Division, 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Gault", also known as "Gault Team", was an elite Belkan squadron and one of the three Ace Squadrons alongside former Osean fighter squadrons Sorcerer Team and Wizard Team, of A World With No Boundaries, or AWWNB for short, a terrorist organization composed of renegade army personnel from Osea, Belka, Sapin, and Yuktobania following the aftermath of the Belkan War that fought for the "removal of barriers" through radical and often destructive means.

Personally led by Anton "The Guardian" Kupchenko, Gault Team was primarily composed of pilots who had background with technology, particularly in military and aerospace engineering.

Two Gault Su-47s


At some point in January of 1995, Gault Team was sent to the front-lines with their commander Anton Kupchenko in hopes of helping the Belkan Federation expand their territory. However, Gault Team would suddenly disappear 2 months later in March 1995. Due to their sudden, unexplained disappearance, the elite squadron would be deemed casualties of war by official records.

In late December 1995, six months after the official end of the Belkan War, Gault Team would reemerge, alive and well, at B7R, also known as "The Round Table", where they intercepted the legendary 66th Air Force Unit "Galm". During the engagement, Kupchenko revealed his true intentions: as the lead designer of Project Pendragon prior to the war, he formed the insurgent organization A World With No Boundaries in an attempt to "cleanse" the planet of its "superficial" national borders, and to do so, conspired to launch the V-2 Mass Retaliation Weapon in order to level all of the world's most important cities, doing so with the help of the "Sleeping King at Avalon".

Despite being outnumbered 8:2, Galm Team managed to shoot down and defeat Gault Team in an intense dogfight. Most of Gault's members were killed in action, squadron leader Anton Kupchenko included, although three members survived, namely Griswold Veiser, Andrew Barry, and Lorenz Riedel-- Gault 3, 4 and 7 respectively.


Gault One -Commander Anton "Dr." Kupchenko

  • Status: Killed in Action
  • Nationality: Belkan
  • Age: 48
  • Sex: Male

Also known as "The Guardian”, He was the chief engineer of Project Pendragon and possibly the founder of AWWNB.He disappeared in 1995 along with his squadron. His body was later found in the outskirts of B7R.

Gault Two - Franz Speidel

  • Status: Killed in Action
  • Nationality: Belkan

After Speidel's death, his house was investigated; they found that multiple calls were made to other foreign countries. His close relationship with Kupchenko led people to believe he had some part with the Coup d'état forces.

Gault Three - Griswold Veiser

  • Status: Alive
  • Nationality: Belkan

After the cease fire, he was captured by The Allied forces and was pressured to release information on the Coup d'état force and Kupchenko. He has denied any involvement. He has been in captivity since '96 in the Valdes state Prison as a BC level prisoner.

Gault Four - Andrew Barry

  • Status: Alive
  • Nationality: Belkan

Although he was shot down in B7R, he was unhurt and was subsequently held prisoner for 3 years. he returned to Osea after his release in 2002, Working alongside Professor James Dawkins as an Osean Air Defense Force advisor.

Gault Five - Egon Strauss

  • Status: Killed (after the Belkan War)
  • Nationality: Belkan

After the war,he led an attack on the OWC Communication Company. Leading eight men, they took Nine people in the office as hostages, and demanded the release of 135 Belkans. After 38 hours, he was shot dead by Osean Special Ops.

Gault Six - Bruno Watts

  • Status: Killed in Action
  • Nationality: Belkan

Even after graduating from the Belka Institute of Technology with honors, he joined the Air Force as a pilot. He joined the Gault Team after Kupchenko saw him at a flight show. He died in battle in B7R.

Gault Seven - Lorenz "Feniks" Riedel

  • Status: reported as Killed In Action
  • Nationality: Belkan

Shot down by Galm Flight in a battle at B7R, but his body was not found. There were reports of him being seen at Osea's Capital, Oured. Special Ops investigated his whereabouts, however he was never found. He later surfaced in Estovakia, where he fought during both the Estovakian Civil War and the Emmeria-Estovakia War. During this time, he supplied the nation with information on Heavy Command Cruisers, which was used to build the Aerial Fleet. He was once again shot down during Assault on the Aerial Fleet.

Gault Eight - Fernando Perez

  • Status: Killed In Action
  • Nationality: Sapin

He moved to Belka in 1990 after he was accepted to work at the Weapons Development Lab. Even though he graduated from the Sapin University with honors, he chose to fight in the front lines. He joined the Gault Team in 1994 and was killed a year later during Operation Thunderbolt.