Gebet, officially known as the Republic of Gebet,[1] is a landlocked country located in northeastern Osea. Gebet is bordered by Belka to the northwest, FATO to the northeast, Wielvakia to the southeast, and Recta to the south.


Gebet gained its independence from the Belkan Federation on February 8, 1988, after Belka sold its eastern territories in an effort to save the nation's economy.[1] In late 1991, a portion of southern Gebet was ceded to the reborn Recta.

On March 27, 1995, at the outbreak of the Belkan War, the city of Model was besieged by the Belkan Army. Despite neighboring FATO's efforts to send fighter aircraft to defend the city, the Belkan Air Force's elite Indigo Squadron maintained air superiority over Model, which subsequently fell to the Belkans.[2] Gebet was later liberated from Belkan occupation sometime after the Allied Forces' initiation of Offensive Campaign No. 4101 in April 1995; it is unknown to what extent, if any, Gebet participated in the war.


  • Mons is also a city in Belgium.
  • "Gebet" is German for "prayer"


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