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"You're not gonna believe this, Jean-Louis. All of them have ribbon insignias!"
― Gene[2] upon sighting Mobius Squadron

Gene (ジーン Jīn) was a young Federal Erusea Air Force officer and second-in-command of the Megalith defense squadron. Gene was among the Eruseans who refused to accept their nation's defeat in the Continental War and attempted to use the Megalith superweapon to wreak massive destruction across Usea.


Gene was stationed at an aviation reserve officer school when Erusea surrendered in after the fall of its capital to the Independent State Allied Forces.[1] Like many of his comrades, Gene refused to accept defeat and, with the other obstinate Erusean officers, activated Megalith to shoot down fragments of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid that still remained in orbit.[2]


When the ISAF commenced Operation Judgement Day on September 26, Gene, then second-in-command of the Megalith defense squadron, engaged the ISAF's Mobius Squadron, which had been dispatched to eliminate the threat posed to Usea and the rest of the world. As the ISAF squadron approached Megalith, Gene voiced his surprise at seeing the Ribbon fighter's emblem on every enemy aircraft. After Jean-Louis Flaubert, the Eruseans' flight leader, was shot down, Gene assumed command of the squadron; he would be shot down shortly thereafter, along with the rest of his wingmen, creating an opening for Mobius 1 to destroy Megalith and end the war.[2]


  • Gene's Su-37 did not have a known number in Ace Combat 04, but it is later retconned to be "018" in both Hasegawa's Su-33 Yellow model kit[1] and Ace Combat Infinity's Su-37 -Gene- 4 Star Aircraft.png Special Aircraft.