The General Resource Defense Force is the private military branch of General Resource LTD. The GRDF was established in 2016 as a way to show the public and other nations the effectiveness of their products to potental customers, but soon after attacks from Anti-Corporation groups the GRDF became the corporations primary military force.

In the early 2030s the GRDF was engaded in a war with the United Air Defense (UAD) with resulted in a short but fierce battle between the two factions. During the Corporate War of 2040 the GRDF fought an all-out war with Neucom's Neucom Emergancy Unit (NEU) across the entire Usean Continent.

During the middle of the war the GRDF lanunched the famous Operation: Hit and Run on Megafloat with just two Aircraft. The GRDF then launched an all out attack on Port Edwards, targeting all Neucom facilities and all NEU bases stationed there.

Fighter Aircraft:

Multirole Aircraft:

Attacker Aircraft:

Bomber Aircraft:

Support Aircraft:

Attack Helicopters

Naval Vessels:

Ground Vechicles:

Known Pilots

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