Template:Corporation General Resource Limited (GR Ltd.) is a corporate conglomerate with enormous financial capital that dominates all kinds of industries, and functions outside the framework of nations. It appeared in Ace Combat 03: Electrosphere and Ace Combat Advance and made a cameo appearance in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation DLC.

Globalization of financial markets progressed in line with developments in capitalistic principles, and corporate mergers and take-overs began to be frequent and common. As a result, prominent capital assets in all countries were ultimately combined and concentrated on a large scale. Within this wave of world-wide conglomeration, the General Resource Group attained enormous growth and developed into a huge multinational corporate entity. General Resource Ltd. was created as a result of a transformation within Grunder Industries, much like how Neucom Inc. had come from the Erusian Air and Space Administration.

Grunder Industries

It is believed that Gründer transformed into General Resource Ltd. in an strategic initiative to gain economic power from Osea and of course Yuktobania.

After the Belkan War, the South Belkan Munitons factory would became Grunder Industries. During the Circum-Pacific War, Grunder Industries was economically destabilized when the Razgriz destroyed their command center. After the Circum-Pacific War, Grunder Industries, through a series of larger mergers, would become General Resource Ltd.

Marching Into the Future (2016-2032)

In an amazing feat, just a few years after their formation General Resource has grown to be one of the largest companies on the planet. As usual, they had continued to create their normal products: Aircraft, Tanks and Warships. But, they had also begun creating other much used items as well. Examples of these being Computer Programs and Aircraft Modification Parts.

General Resource had also begun to expand itself by establishing a General Resource Defense Force, originally as a way to operate their own products on a large scale in order to show their effectiveness. The GRDF was established in 2016. Also, with this they had established a School which taught multiple fields of research in the military field. The School was known as the Sandberry GR Defense College and was General Resource's first establishment on the Usean Continent, which was where most of their business in the next decades would eventually bring them.

By the early months of 2020 the world was on the verge of a reform. Many smaller and some medium countries were becoming to dependent on technologies from many Corporations that their own Governments begin to become somewhat useless. In a few cases by late 2020, some countries are actually run by Corporations and not their respected Governments.

Meanwhile, General Resource continues to grow at an extreme rate. In 2023 the ITTC, a large communication system established for world wide communication was bought by General Resource and modified. As plans to add Video Mail and Text Broadcasting Service were going on, a crisis had arisen in 2026 on the Usean Continent. A Group of terrorists were found operating on the continent and allegedly had scarce military resources backing them. The General Resource Defense Force was dispatched to the continent and helped the now weakening Usean Government in hopes of operating on the continent. The terrorists were suppressed by the GRDF forces and talks were held about GR's future on the Usean Continent with the Usean Government.

From this conflict the GRDF had gained an Ace Pilot, the first since the war of 2010, 16 years ago. His name was Abyssal Dision, a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from the Sandberry College.

Though, this was not their only armed action they partook in. Sometime in the 2032, General Resource LTD. had engaged the United Air Defense (UAD), which resulted in a short, but fierce conflict. The UAF managed to hold off the General Resource Air Strike Force and destroyed the GR Command Center, from which the attacks originated. Though there were reports of GR attempting to deploy hydrogen oxygen missiles, no official actions were taken against them for undisclosed reasons, and the entire conflict was looked passed by the world community.

Faith Park and the Fallout

In 2040, the first of many miscommunications between General Resource and Neucom had taken place. Afterwards, Neucom had said that it was a General Resource attempt to control Neucom growth and threatened General Resource. This was known as the Faith Park Dispute. The Neo-United Nations stepped in and talks were held. The conflict was settled immediately after this, with each group being assigned areas in which they are allowed to operate in, on the Usean Continent.

Weeks later, Neucom Inc had began to expand it's business into General Resource territory despite their agreements. Now General Resource was asking for the Neo-United Nations (NUN) to step in. As the NUN talked to Neucom Officials General Resource dispatched it's GRDF to patrol around and over the new Neucom Facilities at all times. Tension was building and Neucom soon began to plan to form its own 'Response Team' to match the GRDF.

The NUN calls in the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) to reinforce all Neo-United Nations sanctions on the continent. However, as they arrive Neucom begins to vector Transport Flights directly over cities in General Resource territory escorted by Neucom's own Fighter Aircraft. Finally shots are fired. A SARF Unit is launched from Expo City Air Base and they intercept a large Neucom Transport group. The following aerial battle resulted in Expo City, the second largest city on the continent, taking much damage from aircraft which were shot down and crashed into the city or bullets and missiles which had missed their targets.

The Neo-United Nations then put even harsher restrictions on each company because of this and established no fly zones around every major city on the continent. Unfortunately, this did not change anything.

In early 2040 a Neucom transport group entered Expo City airspace and did not heed UPEO warnings. The transport group was shot down by UPEO pilots.

General Resource Defense Force Ace Pilots



Ace Pilot Variants

  • F-15S/MT Eagle+ D (Dision's Custom Version)
  • F-22C Raptor II D (Dision's Custom Version)

Attacker Aircraft

Attack Helicopter

Bomber Aircraft

Electronic-Warfare Aircraft

Export Variants

Fighter Aircraft

Interceptor Aircraft

Multi-Role Aircraft

Reconnaissance Aircraft

Tanker Aircraft

Transport Aircraft

Naval Vessels

Unique Weaponry


  • Strangely, General Resources could be seen also as a sponsor in some tennis courts in Namco's game "Roland Garros 2005", like also Ouroboros, Neucom and UPEO, giving a frightening shadow to the game.
  • Also, it appeared as a Nitrous brand in Ridge Racer 7.

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