For the aircraft featured in the mission, see XR-900 Geopelia.

Geopelia is the 33rd mission in the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere and the fifth and final mission in the General Resource (II) arc.


Thanks to you, gentlemen, Ouroboros is destroyed, and the coup d'etat is coming to an end. However, just now, we've received intel that an air squadron of unknown affiliation is attacking urban areas. -The details are unknown. All we can confirm is their considerable firepower. Give your lives that have returned from battle to General Resource once more, and destroy them. We want you to put an end to this horrible fighting. The fighter's honor is yours! We wish you good luck!


The mission's primary objective is to destroy all XR-900 Geopelias. After doing enough damage to one of the Geopelias, the player takes control of it, and the objective changes to destroying all of the other Geopelias.

Enemy List

Unit Count Notes
Icon-AirTGT.svg XR-900 8


Obtaining an A-Rank requires completing the mission in less than 5 minutes after taking control of one of the Geopelias.[1]


  • The damaged XR-900 is fully repaired when Nemo hacks into it.
  • The player will always use the XFA-36A Game in this mission.
  • When the hack is complete, the player will simultaneously control the XR-900 and the XFA-36A (from the point of view of the XR-900).


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