Georg is a Belkan citizen who was one of many refugees during the Lighthouse War.


Born as a Belkan citizen, Georg was one of many Belkans who migrated to the Usean continent at some point. As a member of a mercenary unit consisting of foreigners, he was placed under a special Erusean air unit.[2]

He was later involved to some extent with the Erusean Radicals' operation on Tyler Island.[3] As Erusean conservatives began executing Belkan citizens, Georg became one of many refugees stranded on the island until they were discovered and rescued by Avril Mead, Princess Rosa, Tabloid, and a number of 444th Air Base personnel.[4]

He later accompanied the group to the International Space Elevator's main support facility using a boat they had found.[4] On October 31, 2019, he assisted Avril and the others in escorting the refugees to the underground tunnel connecting Selatapura and the space elevator while Osean-Erusean coalition forces engaged the Radicals. As the Arsenal Bird Justice's drones began losing control and crashing, Georg and Tabloid quickly rescued refugees in harm's way. Georg survived the event, while Tabloid was crushed by falling debris.[5]

Following the end of the Lighthouse War, Georg was tasked with handing out relief supplies to refugees now living at the base of the space elevator, a job that was originally intended for Tabloid.[6]



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