"Antares, time to drop the hammer."
Frederick Burford

Ghost Hunt is the 20th campaign mission in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. In multiplayer, this mission is completed simultaneous with Desert Gust, and all players advance afterward to the final mission.


Burford: Our objective is to wipe out the Golden Axe Plan's private army before they attack San Francisco. They have forces in an abandoned airport in Sierra Mountains, and the Spiridus is near Lake Tahoe. The main hostile force in Nevada has been destroyed. Now we need to take down the Spiridus, hiding in the Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada region. They named this thing well, I'll give them that. It's time we exorcised this "ghost." We'll have ground support thanks to Martinez Security. They're equipped with missiles more powerful than what a fighter carries. Help our allies make the most of their firepower. We're counting on you, Antares Squadron.



During the initial phase, the Spiridus is defended by READS that renders its Hi-TASM invincible from player's attack. Only off-map allied missile strikes can temporarily disable the READS, the player has to wait (while whittling down its SAM and AA defenses) for the missile to hit the Spiridus before they can start taking out the Hi-TASM launch ports. When the allied forces is about to launch a missile, Spiridus will launch a Hi-TASM at them which could temporarily delay their missile attack. Stop it by destroying FCU unit on Spiridus' rear. The FCU only appear briefly so try to stay close to the Spiridus when it about to launch a missile.

After the first attack is successful, Spiridus will redeploy its READS along with an AA gun on each wing, plus a hostile reinforcement consists of two Su-47s and Su-37s will spawn to the southeast. After the second Hi-TASM launchers are down, Spiridus will once again redeploy its READS one last time plus two SAMs and a flak gun on each wing. Do the same thing for the third time to completely remove Spiridus' capability to launch any more Hi-TASM and advance to the next mission phase.

Mission Update 1

The Spiridus will now attempt to retreat to the western border of the map. The player has to prevent its retreat by destroying all six of its engines. IRCMs will be deployed as well so either use unguided weapon or fire missiles around them. A lone Su-37 will appear behind the player once all engines are destroyed, turn around and shoot it down while waiting the Spiridus to deploy its anti-air Electrolaser cannon. The player must keep it from firing so that allies' missile strike can finish it off. After destroying the electrolaser, it will reactivate shortly once allied missile is launched, make sure to destroy it one more time to ensure the last missile hits Spiridus.

S Rank

Clear the mission within 6 minutes

Named Aces

  • Su-47 Lily - appears to the east flying west in the mission update.


Burford: The aerial base, Spiridus, has been destroyed. You've come a long way, Antares Squadron. This conflict has honed you into fine pilots. You've got what it takes to save America. The hostiles may have lost their big guns but that doesn't mean they're ready to back down. The final battle's almost here.


  1. If Ghost Hunt is played first in single-player, then the next mission will be Reprisal (21A) (Desert Gust will be skipped). If this mission is played in multiplayer (Mission 19&20: Wrecking Ball), then the next mission will be Reprisal (21B).
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