"This is gonna be a real test of our flying ability. Let's do our best."
Marcus Snow

Ghosts of Razgriz is the 24th campaign mission in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, but is listed in-game as Mission 23. The player must destroy hostile Yuktobanian forces as well as the Belkan Ofnir Squadron while restricted to flying inside a canyon.


Pops: We've intercepted another mysterious radio transmission. This time it specifies a location within Yuktobania. It's probably... well, this is just a hunch on my part, but I bet that's where the nuclear weapon sent into Yuktobania is located. There's another set of numbers. This time it's a radio frequency.

Briefing Officer: Your next mission is a reconnaissance flight above a canyon in the northern highlands of Yuktobania, the place described in the unidentified radio transmission. The highlands are completely covered by the Yuktobania air-defense system, so the only safe place to fly is within the canyon itself. Fly down the canyon and reach the target area. Once you are there, set your radio channel to the directed frequency and begin gathering information. You may be engaged by local Yuktobanian forces and, depending on the contents of the transmission, you may also find yourself engaging in other combat as well. You are permitted to fight the enemy as necessary, but you must try to keep your altitude below the rim of the canyon.



Upon entering the airspace, the player gets contacted by Alyosha of the Yuktobanian resistance with more mission details:

"We've received contact from an apparent resistance group that seized and captured one of Yuktobania's nuclear weapons. Intelligence believes that it's one of the nukes taken from the mine before we sealed it off on the 12th. Furthermore our radar has detected numerous enemy fighters entering the canyon and flying towards the local airspace. The force includes Yuktobanian fighters and armed helicopters. Their mission is most likely to destroy the resistance's hideout. The enemy fighters are spread out throughout the canyon, so we believe that the Yuktobanians don't have the exact location of the hideout. Destroy the enemy forces before they can find and wipe out the resistance. As mentioned previously the airspace is blanketed by Yuktobania's air defense system. Watch your altitude and whatever you do, don't fly over the rim of the canyon!"
― In-flight briefing

At this point, the player must destroy all TGTs around the canyon, which only comprise of gunboats and helicopters. As repeatedly stated, the player must remain below the top of the canyon; the exact altitude restriction is below 1,500 feet.[1] Above this altitude, the player will be fired upon by nearly-unavoidable missiles. However, the player can still fly over small cliffs to fly between areas as long as they remain below the top of the canyon.

Mission Update[]

Upon destroying all TGTs, the Ofnir Squadron will make its formal appearance in four Su-35s. They will fly in a static path for the entire duration of this section and consistently fire on the player. The player must use Ofnir's fixed flight path to their advantage and shoot down all four of them to complete the mission.

Enemy List[]

The following enemy lists have been verified with the Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Perfect Guide.[1]

Standard Units[]

Section Unit Points Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirTGT AH-64 300 9
Icon-AirTGT CH-47 300 7
Icon-AirEnemy TYPHOON 300 [note 1]
Icon-GroundTGT GUNBOAT 100 9
Mission Update Icon-AirTGT SU-35 1960 4

Special Units[]

Unit Points Minimum
Icon-AirEnemy MiG-21-93 "SWORDKILL" 1640 Normal [note 2]

S Rank[]

Earning an S rank on this mission requires completing it in less than 15 minutes.[3]


Mission accomplished. The information we obtained, as well as the physical damage we caused, dealt a significant blow to the enemy. Judging by our analysis of the information, there appears to be a highly organized resistance force acting against the Yuktobanian military regime. It is likely the nuclear weapon which Yuktobania acquired was safely dismantled by the resistance.



  • In pre-release screenshots, this mission would have involved Yuktobanian F-15Cs and Mirage 2000Ds with Belkan Air Force markings. The final version omits these planes and uses Typhoons with proper Yuktobanian markings instead.
  • With a sufficiently fast aircraft, it is possible to fly above the ravine and outrun the missiles fired by the anti-air system. A MiG-31 Foxhound is the best plane for this task.
  • By flying up and stalling 3/4 times missiles will stop tracking the player.


  1. Only one Typhoon will appear at any given time; shooting one down spawns another one.
  2. The player must have completed this mission at least once, and must be playing on Normal difficulty or higher. SWORDKILL will spawn to the east, where the player first spawned, after the player destroys 20 TGTs. Like the Typhoons, SWORDKILL initially spawns at high altitude, but will fly lower if the player flies lower.[2]