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For the General Resource Limited walking battle tank, see Antlion.

The Giant Antlion was an Estovakian mech which defended the Chandelier during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.

Giant Antlion is equipped with a large Tactical Laser System for offensive purposes, and omnidirectional missiles, flak cannons and a prototype energy shield for defense.


On April 1, 2016, numerous Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadrons were sent to the Razgriz Straits to locate and the destroy the Chandelier railgun. However, Giant Antlion was defending the Chandelier and would engage the unaware Emmerian aircraft as they approached Sonne Island. To aid the Emmerians, the Nordennavic Royal Air Force dispatched Grendel Squadron to destroy Giant Antlion.[1] Following its destruction by Grendel 1, the Emmerians successfully began their assault on the Chandelier.[2]



  • Since the Giant Antlion only appears in Ace Combat: Northern Wings, a game which conflicts with some pre-established events in Strangereal canon, its appearance may be considered non-canon.