The geography of the 'Hydrian Line', also known as Mt. Ivrea, has a rough geography, ranging from deep valleys to high mountain tops. Due to its high altitudes, snow is able to form and settle on the tops of this mountain chain during the winter. During the warmer months, the snow melts revealing a craggy surface. The geology of the area is also interesting. This area had to received almost continuous uplifting of the whole area. Igneous and Metamorphic rocks mainly make up for this craggy terrain. Small rivers also flow this area, which accounts for the steep valleys.

Op: Hell Bound

Glatistant is an ancient Belkan Fortress on the Ustian border. During the Belkan War it was transformed into a modern fortress base by the Belkan Army.

The Facility makes up the first Belkan Defense Line and due to its overall firepower and the sheer size of Glatistant, the Allied Forces believed that it may have had Nuclear Weapons deployed somewhere in the facility. The Allied Forces targeted Glatistant because of this and used this title of a Nuclear Inspection to attack Glatistant—Osea had a non-aggression treaty and was still in the treaty of nations, it couldn't invade Belka—and open the door to South Belka and kick off offensive operations.

Glatistant is separated into five main areas. An initial Air Defense Area (Area Gate), a secondary air defense area with a large Control Tower (Area Wall ), a flat area which deploys VTOL Aircraft and has secondary barracks (Area Garden), an incorporated Anti-Air Defense and frontline Troop deployment area (Area Castle) and a final defense line which is made up of two large towers, housing Flak Cannons surrounded by other air defenses.

Along with these main areas, smaller areas were scattered in between. This integrated Air Defense net covered a wide area. To add to its effectiveness aerial forces, some of which are AV-8B VTOL aircraft stationed at Glatistant's Area Garden, were incorporated as well.

A large force, mostly comprised of Ustian merceneries, attacked it on May 17, 1995. Despite full cooperation between all of Glatistant anti-aircraft sectors, the Allied Forces managed to destroy much of the facility, rendering it useless. This Ustian victory "kicked down Belka's front door", and began the push into the Belkan Border. However, near the end of the mission, Galm detected a faint flash of light, which took down an Allied squadron in Belka. The Allied Forces later discovered this to be the Belkans superweapon, Excalibur.


  • It is possible that Glatisant is also an airbase, due to several buildings that represent a hangar and a small runway, enough for a VTOL such as AV-8B
  • Operation Hellbound is the first Ace Combat Zero mission to have a Return Line
  • In line with the game's Arthurian themes, Glatisant is named for the beast glatisant, a creature encountered by King Arthur symbolic of the corruption in his kingdom.


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