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The Gleipnir (グレイプニル) was an advanced aerial warship equipped with optical camouflage that was created by the Democratic Republic of Leasath after the end of their civil war. It was deployed during the Aurelian War, during which it ruled the skies of Aurelia through fear as an invisible, omnipresent threat. It was shot down over Santa Elva by Gryphus 1.



The Gleipnir was developed in the aftermath of the Leasath Civil War, under Diego Gaspar Navarro's direction. It was developed jointly with the super-aircraft Fenrir, being designed with the secondary purpose of obtaining battle data to refine the fighter's advanced weaponry. The Gleipnir was the second giant aircraft created by Leasath, being preceded by the Gandr, its own prototype. A week prior to the invasion of Aurelia, Navarro personally designated Captain Frank Burlington as the commander of the ship.[1]

Aurelian War[]

Leasath deployed the Gleipnir in Aurelia shortly after the destruction of Gandr,[citation needed] where it acted as the linchpin of Navarro's invasion. Gleipnir's firepower proved to be so overwhelming, it was enough to conquer most of the country within ten days. The psychological threat of its SWBMs proved to be able to make the Aurelian capital of Griswall surrender without a fight.[2] Terminus Island, an island near the Antarctic Circle, was home to rich Aurelian oil fields, making it a prime spot for the fortress's home base.

Several days after the invasion began, the Gleipnir launched an SWBM at Gryphus Squadron in the aftermath of a failed Leasath bombing attack on Aubrey Air Force Base, killing most of the unit's members. The event was witnessed by civilian crowds around Cape Aubrey,[3] and led to a severe reduction of Aurelian air power. However, despite their disadvantage, Aurelian troops managed to capture Puna Base and Port Patterson, beginning a new offensive against the Leasath invasion. During this time, the Gleipnir relocated from Puna Base to Terminus Island, where it began providing support for Leasath troops that were hunting the survivors of the Davis Unit at Stand Canyon.


As the Aurelian counteroffensive continued, the Davis Unit was rescued from their Leasath pursuers. Following this, the Gleipnir once more relocated, this time from Terminus Island to Santa Elva, a city that served as a vital transportation route. Due to the Aurelians' lack of knowledge regarding the existence of the Shock Cannon, it was decided to assault Santa Elva with ground troops. The results were disastrous, as an Aurelian reconnaissance unit was annihilated by the Gleipnir without warning, and the airborne fortress proceeded to attempt an attack on the remaining Aurelian units following the evacuation of Santa Elva of all Leasath troops.[1]

However, the Aurelian ace Gryphus 1 evaded the fortress' attacks and disabled its camouflage system, proceeding to destroy its SWBM launching ports. In desperation, Burlington ordered the ship's crew to fire the Shock Cannon at Santa Elva, intending to deal one last blow to Aurelia. However, Gryphus One destroyed the cannon, causing the Gleipnir to plunge into the Lenal River, miraculously avoiding serious damage to the city aside from a bridge that was destroyed by the Gleipnir's massive wing. Some of its crew survived the crash and were taken prisoner by Aurelian ground forces.[1]


Like other giant aircraft from the Strangereal world, the Gleipnir was intended to completely annihilate hostile targets and frighten enemy troops with its incredible firepower. Because of its gargantuan size, it was developed as an amphibious aircraft, able to take off from both land and large bodies of water, such as oceans and rivers.[4] The ship was armed with eight launch ports for SWBMs, a Shock Cannon in the ventral area, and an optical camouflage system that allowed it to turn invisible to the naked eye. Despite its imposing size and role, the Gleipnir was considered an "airborne fortress" by both its operators and opponents as opposed to being called a heavy command cruiser, likely due to its inability to carry aircraft or to act as a mobile command base.[5] The Gleipnir's overwhelming firepower was one of the core reasons for Leasath's successful blitzkrieg against Aurelia early in the war, and was feared greatly among Aurelian troops.



  • The Gleipnir is named after a magical bind from Norse mythology, which restrained the legendary wolf Fenrir. The name matches the aircraft's link with the Fenrir, as the Fenrir was 'restrained' from its full potential until the Gleipnir's battle data was used to develop its weaponry and capabilities, such as the optical camouflage and LSWM.