All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"Honesty is the best policy, I just simply dropped my Golden Axe."
― Andre Olivieri

GA Plan logo

The Golden Axe Plan (ゴールデンアックス計画), GA Plan for short, was a plan formulated by Olivieri Life Insurance's CEO, Andre Olivieri, in an attempt to obtain absolute control of the world's stock shares. The plan was divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 was an assault of the Japanese capital of Tokyo, carried out by the giant combat aircraft Spiridus. Tokyo was chosen as the first target of the GA Plan as it has one of the world's leading economies, which would have a severe effect on the global stock shares if the city was completely destroyed. The capital was attacked twice, with a third attack attempt being thwarted in the Izu Islands. Thanks to a joint operation between the PMC Martinez Security and Japan Self-Defense Forces, Tokyo was saved from the

    Andre Olivieri funded the Valahia attacks

    Valahia. However, the Spiridus managed to hit Tokyo harbor with its electromagnetic railgun.
  • Part 2 was centered on Europe—after the Valahia announced an air assault on the United Kingdom, the demand for insurance skyrocketed into the U.S., allowing Olivieri to control all insurance business in the sector.

In these 2 parts, Olivieri funded the Valahia. In short, the plan goes as each follows:

  • 1) The Valahia attacks the highest populated cities.
  • 2) Oliveri introduces "Private War Damage" insurance, which the public buys massive amounts of.

    Valahia's leader, Nicolae Dumitrescu

    Everyone buys Olivieri Life Insurance.
  • 3) The Vahahia threatens the US and Europe with nukes and other super-weapons, creating an opening for invasion.
  • 4) Olivieri sells the war damage insurance business to another companies for 400 billion Euros. Now he does not have to pay for damage caused by the war.
  • 5) Outbreak of war on American soil forces other companies to pay for war, while everyone who bought Olivieri Life Insurance is not covered for war damage.
  • Summary: Vahahia causes damage and expands their territory / Oliveri gets rich.

After Valahia betrayed Olivieri, he sold all his successful insurance plans to another company (or companies) by €400,000,000,000 (400 billion euros). However, this was merely the beginning to the third and final stage of the Golden Axe Plan: the attack on San Francisco. If the attack succeeded, Olivieri would gain absolute hegemony over the insurance market, by getting the money that the companies needed to pay for their clients because of the destruction of the city.

The Golden Axe Plan was not limited only to political and military actions, however, as it was also involved in the production of the cutting-edge technology employed by the Valahia and the Golden Axe Plan Private Army, such as the Spiridus, the Orgoi light bomber and the Balaur railguns. The final piece of technology built by the GAP was the GAF-1 Varcolac, a delta-wing fighter built exclusively for the Varcolac Squadron, Valahia's former main elite squadron.


  • The name "Golden Axe" is a reference to the child's tale The Golden Axe (also known as "The Honest Woodcutter". This is evidenced in one of the trailers for Ace Combat: Joint Assault, where Olivieri comments "...a golden axe that I dropped."
  • The Golden Axe Plan is directly referenced in Ace Combat Infinity as the basis of the GAF-1 Varcolac.
  • In step 4, Olivieri sells the insurance business for 400 billion Euros. While the conversion rate may shift over time in the real world, 400 billion Euros on April 14th, 2011 (the date of the sale) would make Olivieri indisputedly the single richest person on Earth, with his previous unknown net worth gaining an addition of approximately 579,480,000,000 (579 billion, 480 million) US dollars.