Goodfellow is the commander of Task Force 118's Bone Arrow flight. He previously acted as commander of Bone Arrow Squadron before its merge with the United Nations Forces. During operations, he acts as the AWACS unit for Bone Arrow pilots.


Goodfellow was born in 1972[2], likely either in Ireland or in the United States.

At some point following the Ulysses Disaster, Goodfellow joined the mercenary organization Arrows Air Defense and Security. He climbed the ranks until eventually becoming the commander of Bone Arrow Squadron, Arrows' aerial unit. He provided AWACS duties for the squadron and gave sortie orders. His subordinates in the squadron were Viper (the flight lead), Omega (Bone Arrow 2), Bronco (Bone Arrow 3), and an unidentified pilot (Bone Arrow 4).

At some point, the United Nations Forces hired Arrows Air Defense and Security, and made occasional use of Bone Arrow Squadron. During one engagement, Goodfellow pushed Bone Arrow 4 "too far", and it is implied that the pilot was killed in action.

In 2019, Reaper joined the squadron as the new Bone Arrow 4. Goodfellow was given an order to defend Tokyo from a UAV intrusion, and ordered Omega and Reaper to sortie for the operation. Reaper proved his worth by shooting down the majority of the UAVs. Two weeks later, Goodfellow pushed the United Nations Forces to allow them to sortie for an inspection order the UNF were planning over Comona Base, looking for a "good payday". The full Bone Arrow Squadron sortied, and Reaper continued to show his skill by shooting down the majority of the aircraft during the operation.




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