"Eliminate all enemy elements in the the vicinity. We have recaptured Gracemeria Air Force Base."
Bobby Fitzgerald[1]

Gracemeria Air Force Base is located within the Emmeria's capital city, Gracemeria. It served as the base of operations for the Emmerian Air Force's Eastern Region Air Defense force which included Garuda Team.[2]


The base first saw action on August 30, 2015, during the Estovakian attack on Gracemeria, during which, the runway was rendered useless as a result of bombing runs.[3]

Pasternak With Su-33

Ilya Pasternak sitting at Gracemeria Air Force Base

Whilst the base was under Estovakian occupation, it served as a forward operating base where some of their forces would be stationed.

After the destruction of the P-1112 Aigaion and the Estovakian Aerial Fleet, the Strigon Team began using Gracemeria Air Force Base as their base of operations.[4]

The base did not see any further action until March 31, 2016, when it was retaken by the Steel Gunners Battalion during Operation Free Gracemeria.[1] Later that evening, it was the launching point for Garuda's patrol over the skies of Gracemeria, which turned into an aerial battle as Estovakian cruise missiles and fighters penetrated the airspace. [5]



  • The design of Gracemeria Air Force Base is based on the mirror image of the real-life United States Marine Corps installation MCAS Miramar.


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