"The west sector shelter in the old quarter's been annihilated. Where should I direct the people now?"
Emmerian police officer[1]

Gracemeria Police Department is the law enforcement division within Emmeria's capital, Gracemeria.


When the Estovakian Forces launched a surprise attack on Gracemeria, Emmerian officers directed civilians to safety shelters around the city. Many officers attempted to panic and confusion among civilians to a minimum. A blockade was formed keeping civilians off the King's Bridge as it had collapsed and was no longer usable. Ultimately, the police successfully managed to evacuate civilians from any contested areas but were abandoned when the Emmerian military was forced to retreat.[1]

During the Estovakian occupation of the city, the Gracemeria Police Department was not active and was replaced by a provisional Estovakian military police.[2]

Following Operation Free Gracemeria, the police force was reinstated and was once again active. During the Gracemeria cruise missile attack, police officers once again directed civilians to safe locations.[3] On April 1, 2016, when the Republic of Emmeria Air Force was attacking the Chandelier, the Police Department prepared to handle evacuations should any cruise missiles strike the city.[4]


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