"Although it's often been called impregnable, we've taken over Ragno Fortress."
Emmerian Briefing Officer[1]

Grageo Canyon[a] is a large ravine located in the eastern regions of Anea. This is where a major Republic of Emmeria Army base, Ragno Fortress, is located.


Grageo Canyon was formed from over tens of millions of years of erosion. The height difference from the top of the plateau and bottom of the canyon is approximately 1 kilometer.[2]

The plateau itself is a very barren, flat and open terrain with trees and shrubbery dotting the landscape. Situated on the plateau is Ragno Fortress, a major Emmerian military installation that is often called impregnable.[1] Electricity is generated through Kernos Dam, which was built atop the ravine and connects to numerous substations along the river.[2]


Emmerian F-16C Fighting Falcons flying over Grageo Canyon during the Battle of Ragno Fortress

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, utilizing it's P-1112 Aigaion, Estovakia had forced Emmeria on the defensive as they would retreat from the Anean mainland. They would eventually drive Emmerian forces out of Grageo Canyon and capture Ragno Fortress.

Following the destruction of Estovakia's Aerial Fleet, Emmeria immediately began advancing towards Gracemeria.[3] In their path was Ragno Fortress, and shortly afterward, plans were drawn up to retake the facility.[1]

On March 6, 2016, Emmeria began an attack on the fortress. Warlock Separate Battalion would advance down the center and engage Estovakian ground forces along the way to the fortress. To cripple the base, Windhover Squadron would destroy substation facilities along the river. Yellow Jacket would deploy the Emmerian Special Forces into the fortress through tunnels which ran through the facility. Garuda Team would aid in these operations and ultimately see them succeed. Following the destruction of a majority of Estovakian forces, special forces would wipe out any remaining opposition, and the facility would once again under complete Emmerian control.[1]



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