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GrauWespe Squadron is an ace air unit belonging to the Belkan Air Force. The unit is widely considered the most active of the BAF 3rd Air Division. Many believe that the unit had large influences from Waldemarr Rald. The squadron was formed somewhere in 1992.


Belkan War[]

The GrauWespe Squadron's only known action in the Belkan War was their involvement in the legendary three-way skirmish between elements of the Osean, Belkan & Ustian air forces known as the Operation Battle-Axe. After most of the action in the Area B7R had died down, Schwarze Team, feared even among the BAF as desertee killers, approached the battlezone at high speed in hot pursuit of top ace Wolfgang Buchner, who was fleeing from Belka after refusing to drop nuclear ordnance on a Belkan city, and decided to head straight for the Round Table while escaping, possibly hoping to evade them amidst the chaos. Thanks to the Galm Team, the Schwarze Team lost sight of Huckenbein the Raven, and flight lead Dominic Zubov ordered all aircraft to assassinate the Galm Team, whose actions made them lose their original target. When the tensions arose again in the Round Table, the 13th TFS approached the battlefield, after the mayhem had died down. They too engaged Galm Team in combat; however, despite the numeric superiority, Galm managed to come out on top, eliminating all Belkan threats in the area, GrauWespe among them.

After 1995[]

With only GrauWespe 1 & 2 having survived Operation Battle-Axe, the 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron was presumably disbanded after the Belkan War.

However, the 13th TFS's legacy lives on in the present: their combat techniques are still in use by the Belkan Air Force. Known as the "GrauWespe Tactics", the maneuver involves the squadron's flight lead acting as a bait for the enemy, while another aircraft opens fire on the enemy aggressors.


Bastian Schneider[]

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Eduard Seitz[]

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Leopold Klein[]

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Steffen Ziege[]

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  • The name "GrauWespe" is German for "Gray Wasp".
  • The Albireo Squadron uses a similar strategy to the "GrauWespe Tactics". Instead of the flight lead acting as bait for the enemy, the latter chases the enemy from behind while the other members of the squadron act as a distraction. It is likely that this tactic was adopted from them.