Before the two planes take off, capture both of them in one shot. Got it?
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Greased Lightning is the 5th mission of Ace Combat 2, and the game's first "Canyon Flight"-type mission.

During the pursuit of a fleeing transport plane, allied forces discovered a new base under construction at a ravine in Meriton. The allies now plan to attack the new base, however their efforts have been affected by the presence of an AA network in the area, which renders a standard bombing run impossible. The player's mission is to enter the region, maneuver through the ravine and destroy the base.


"While in pursuit of an enemy transport plane, reconnaissance discovered that an enemy base is being built in a deep ravine. Our enemy seems hard-pressed to construct a new base in a hurry after losing their forward base. This time our target is the ravine base. The problem is a network of anti-aircraft missile silos surrounding the ravine, making it impossible to carry out a bombing mission from above. To attack the base, we have to enter the edge of the ravine by flying at a low altitude, and then make a hit-and-breakaway attack. This is the only way to attack this base.

Target: The ravine base

The enemy’s anti-aircraft missiles are highly accurate, and there will be no chance of survival if you fly directly over the ravine. Watch your altitude!"



  • 1 x Tower - $5,000


  • 9 x AA Gun - $1,000 each.
  • 3 x Sam - $2,000 each.
  • 1 x C-5 - $15,000



  • Money: $25,000
  • Unlock: A-10 (Normal), Su-25 (Extra)


  • It is possible, albeit extremely troublesome (even with agile aircrafts), to take a full turn and go back the beginning of the level. The turn can be done at the base, where the target is. You have to be using advanced controls and be as close to the wall as possible; a good idea is to take this turn at the top of the ravine instead of in the middle.