Griswall is the capital of Aurelia.[1]


The area that the capital city rests is on the coastal plain of eastern Aurelia. Through the city, a shipping canal or river lined with naval & industrial docks, river-side parks and city streets that run over and parallel to the canal. Almost directly west of the city, the foot hills of Monte Breeze begin to take shape. The foot hills of Mount Nevera also start near the capital city. To the southwest is Phuku Lagolla Air Base. A notable landmark in Griswall is the Gaiuss Tower, a symbol of peace and unity for Aurelia and a widely recognizable structure. It is the tallest structure in Aurelia.[1]


Aurelian War

The capital city of Aurelia, Griswall, it is divided into three sections: Old Town, New Town, and Downtown. New Town is protected by the "Atmos Ring" Energy Barrier which repels any enemy attacks, completely protecting the city.[citation needed]

The city was taken by Leasath forces in 2020 and was heavily fortified. From Griswall, commander Diego Gaspar Navarro commanded the Leasath troops occupying Aurelia. He used the Gaiuss Tower, in the middle of the city, for ceremonies and parties, during the time that the city was occupied.[1]

After a string of defeats and the loss of the Gleipnir, the Leasath forces in Griswall were under the threat of being attacked by the reorganized Aurelian Armed Forces. Leasath's Meson Cannon was then deployed around Griswall in order to fortify defenses around the capital.[2]

In late 2020, a resistance group, dubbed the Aurelian Liberation Corps, infiltrated Griswall via railway. Being backed by citizens rallying to their call, they managed to drive Leasathian forces out of the center. The ALC also aimed at bringing the Meson Cannon down. Unfortunately, they were surrounded by Leasathian forces, effectively trapping them inside the center. Gryphus Squadron and Ninox Squadron were quickly deployed on an aerial assault on the Leasathian forces. The squadrons successfully prevented them from breaching the defense line formed by the ALC. Suddenly, the Skylla Unit, who arrived at Griswall earlier, attacked the ALC with cruise missiles. Gryphus Squadron successfully destroyed the missiles before they could cause further damage to the defense perimeter. The capital was successfully retaken.[3]

However, Navarro managed to escape and flee to Sentry Island.[4]