"Let 'em know we've got a Phoenix on our side."

Groupies is the eleventh campaign mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. The player must defend Dryman from the Usean Rebel Forces.


Ulrich Olsen: Scarface Squadron, head out! An Allied government VIP has been kidnapped by Rebel Forces. Luckily, Special Ops were able to infiltrate enemy territory and rescue the VIP. He's already onboard a transport headed for Allied territory. But the transport is taking serious fire. It's just a matter of time before it's taken down. Rendezvous with the transport Dryman and provide cover. Protect Dryman until it reaches the safe zone within Allied territory. We're counting on you.[1]


The mission's primary objectives are to defend Dryman from all enemy forces and destroy all TGTs. The mission will end when all TGTs are shot down.

Enemy List[]

We've still got some work for you, too, so don't slack off now.
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S Rank[]

Complete the mission in 4:30 or less.


Olsen: Dryman has safely arrived at the Allied base. The VIP was taken to the hospital, but he should make it out just fine. You've just completed your first escort mission. Job well done. The government VIP has informed us that the Rebels are planning a large-scale attack. Numerous warships have started gathering at a base in the South Sea. This is going to be one tough fight. Don't get sloppy now.[1]