"Hornets... Don't let them sting you in the ass!"
Larry Foulke commenting on the Grun Squadron.

The Belkan Air Force Grun Team was an air unit that operated four F/A-18C Hornets. Their combat style was flexible, making them somewhat unpredictable. Their aircraft, the F/A-18C Hornet, is perfect for their ever-changing role since it is capable of taking on any role it is pressed into. The pilots specialized in close in fighting and monitoring their enemy's movements in order to defeat them.


Prior to the Belkan War, the 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the Belkan Air Force 10th Air Division had not seen much combat. The Belkan Air Force maintained strict discipline throughout their ranks, but some leniency was allowed within this squadron. The members of the 8th tactical fighter squadron developed a reputation as rule-breakers. Many of their commanding officers saw them as 'bad' or unskilled pilots. This was because the Grun focused on not accomplishment of a mission, but surviving. This very unique attitude stood out among the professional pilots of the Belkan Air Force.

During combat, the Grun Squadron flew with no set battle formation and instead adjusted to each combat situation as it changed. This allowed the Grun squadron to survive multiple battles and build a solid combat record.



"This is Grun 2. There's two of 'em."

"Well then, let's have some fun."

-Grun 1 and 2 before engaging Galm.

One of their missions took them to Airspace B7R on an interception mission to destroy two aircraft from the Ustian Air Force 6th Air Division, 66th AFU Galm. After monitoring the two aircraft's combat capabilities, the Grun Squadron engaged the 66th AFU. All the squadron planes were shotdown during the combat with the enemy planes. Bernard Schmidt, the squadron leader, was the only registered survivor.


Grun One - Bernard "Owl" Schmidt

Status: Alive

Nationality: Belkan

His uncanny ability to read the tide of battle earned him the name of Green Owl. He was shot down over Area B7R during an encounter with mercenary Ustio pilots. After retirement, he later returned to his hometown where he continues to reside.

Grun Two - Fabian Rost

Status: Shot Down/Alive

Nationality: Belkan

His whereabouts became unknown after the conclusion of the Belkan War. Information has surfaced reporting that he is now acting as a volunteer soldier in an effort to free a small eastern country from its authoritian government.

Grun Three - Ulf Scholl

Status: Killed in Action

Nationality: Belkan

He was enlisted in the Belkan Air Force after graduating from the Belkan Air Force Academy top of his class. For his first actual war mission, he was reunited with his former unit of the 10th Air Division 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron, but was shot down during his 23rd assault.

Grun Four - Fritz Forster

Status: Killed in Action

Nationality: Belkan

Recruited as a test pilot by the Belkan Air Force where he gradually began to distinguish himself through his extraordinary flying skill. Shortly after the War's outbreak, he was officially assigned to the front lines, where he was killed in action a few months later. His remains have yet to be recovered.