"This is missile destroyer Gumrak of the glorious Yuktobanian Navy. We cannot follow a Fleet Commander willing to sink one of his own ships. We will protect Prime Minister Nikanor. All ships who are with us, change course and follow us."
― Captain of the Gumrak[1]

The Gumrak was a Yuktobanian Sovremenny-class destroyer that served during the Circum-Pacific War. She, along with several other Yuktobanian warships, defected to the Kestrel Fleet after the frigate Pitomnik disobeyed orders and was sunk by her countrymen in late December 2010.


The Gumrak was constructed sometime before 2010; her battle record prior to the Circum-Pacific War remains unknown. However, at some point, the Gumrak became attached to a sizable Yuktobanian naval armada stationed in the Ceres Ocean.

On December 29, 2010, at 1721hrs, the Gumrak and its battle group encountered a small Osean fleet, which included the OFS Kestrel, and began making battle preparations. Yuktobania's prime minister, Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor, who was aboard the Kestrel after being freed from captivity one week earlier, attempted to mollify his countrymen via the Kestrel's loudspeaker. However, the prime minister's conciliatory words were disregarded by the Yuktobanian fleet commander, who branded Nikanor a traitor for siding with the Oseans, and ordered his fleet to sink the Osean vessels along with Nikanor.[1]

When the frigate Pitomnik refused to comply and was sunk by her own fleet, the Gumrak's captain announced his intentions to protect Nikanor and rallied other Yuktobanian vessels to follow him.[1] The Gumrak was soon joined by the Chuda and Dub, which eluded hostile fire and assumed a battle formation several hundred meters ahead of the Osean fleet. Due to the efforts of Razgriz Squadron, the Gumrak and its new coalition fleet survived the engagement.[2] She likely returned to service in the Yuktobanian Navy after the war's conclusion.


  • The Gumrak's name is likely based off that of Volgograd International Airport, a Russian airport that operated under the name "Gumrak Airport" during World War II.