Gustav Dvornik was part of The Generals, and the main commander of the Estovakian military forces invading Emmeria during the 2015 Anean Continental War.


Early life and service in Estovakia

Dvornik was born in Estovakia in 1967, and joined the Estovakian Air Force at some point of his life. When the Estovakian Civil War broke out in 2007, he assumed control as the Supreme Commander of the Eastern Faction, one of the six main factions of the conflict. The strongman of his forces, he made it his objective to reunite the splintered Estovakia, and fought tirelessly to achieve this goal.

In the 2010s, his group acquired experimental technology brought in by defectors of the Principality of Belka, which were used to create the "Estovakian Aerial Fleet", a flotilla of combat airships. Aided by the power of the P-1112 Aigaion Heavy Command Cruiser, the Eastern Faction crushed all opppsition, ultimately emerging as the victors of the Estovakian Civil War.

After the conclusion of the war, Gustav formed a committee of military leaders known as "The Generals". The junta assumed control of the Estovakian government, convincing the Estovakian populace that a military dictatorship was the only way to restoring order to their nation.

Anean Continental War and death

In late August 2015, Estovakia invaded the Republic of Emmeria, starting the Anean Continental War. Dvornik assumed the role of Central Forces Precinct Commander and Expeditionary Forces General, using blitzkrieg tactics to drive the Emmerian military off the mainland and temporarily bring the continent under Estovakian hegemony. Nevertheless, he was unable to counter the Emmerian retaliation, which, among other things, resulted in the destruction of the Estovakian Aerial Fleet and the death of his daughter, Irena.

Prior to the liberation of the capital of Gracemeria, Gustav fled the city and slipped past the Emmerian forces to return to Estovakia, where he plotted to use the anti-asteroid Chandelier weapon to annihilate the city. On April 1st, 2016, the Emmerian military invaded the Chandelier at Sonne Island in northern Estovakia, destroying the last remnants of Estovakian resistance in doing so.

As a last resort, the soldiers responsible for manning the Chandelier attempted to fire a charged projectile at Gracemeria, in order to destroy the city in its entirety. As preparations for the final shot were conducted, General Dvornik tried to escape Sonne Island. He boarded an F-4E Phantom II at the base's hangar and entered the runway, followed by three escorts. As he fled, however, the group was bombarded by the Emmerian ace Talisman. As he prepared to escape, Gustav met his end at the hands of Talisman.

Post-war Emmerian intelligence reports conflicted over Dvornik's cause of death. Some argued that he died when the Chandelier exploded, while others said that he was killed while trying to escape Sonne.


  • His callsign, "Korol" means "king" in Russian.
  • Among the active fighter pilots whose know ages are know, Dvornik is oldest in Ace Combat 6 and likely in the entire series along with Anton Kupchenko of Ace Combat Zero
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