"This is Snake Pit, your electronic support plane, moving in to support ground forces."
― Stewart during the battle of Bartolomeo Fortress[1]

Guy Stewart was in command of an Republic of Emmeria Air Force AWACS, callsign Snake Pit. Snake Pit was assigned to the 303rd Airborne Air Control Squadron's 4th Flight.[2]

Throughout the Emmeria-Estovakia War, Snake Pit assisted Emmerian fighter squadrons by providing them with ESM and battlefield analysis.[3] Although Snake Pit was considered a valuable battlefield asset, Stewart regularly put the aircraft at unnecessary risk, often flying into the thick of battle.[2] This often resulted in Garuda Team coming to his aid.[3]


Originally stationed at Ortara, the 303rd Airborne Air Control Squadron was relocated to Khesed Island in order to reinforce the remaining Emmerian forces that were stationed there.

After aiding in the recapture of Bartolomeo Fortress,[1] the Emmerians successfully landed on the Anean mainland[4] and rescued their allies pinned down near Silvat Town.[5] Snake Pit continued to provide electronic support measures to Emmerian squadrons during the battles of the Selumna Peaks[6] and Moloch Desert.[7]

While patrolling the skies over Gracemeria, Snake Pit detected incoming cruise missiles and Estovakian stealth fighters. He continued to provide tactical analysis throughout the engagement.[8]



Emmerian AWACS and Su-33

An early screenshot of Snake Pit