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"That girl swears more than me."
― Count
"It's not just the swearing either. She's got quick fists too."
― Húxiān

Húxiān is an Osean Air Defense Force pilot and a member of Strider Squadron, having been transferred from the Cyclops Squadron. Although she can be foulmouthed at times, she cares for her wingmen.[1]


Húxiān experienced a rough upbringing in the slums.[2][1] She later left and worked hard to become a pilot, joining the Osean Air Defense Force's Cyclops Squadron.[1]

On July 12, 2019. Húxiān participated in a reconnaissance mission which aimed to investigate the Stonehenge ruins. Due to unknown circumstances, their return route changed to the Yinshi Valley. Pursued by Erusean MQ-99s, Spare Squadron was tasked with escorting both Cyclops and Strider squadrons out of the valley. With help from Spare, she managed to retreat from the airspace.[3]

On August 10, 2019, Huxian was involved in attacking the Erusean Navy's Njord Fleet and two supporting platforms at Snider's Top. During the operation, Huxian inquired to the origin of Trigger's three strikes, to which Count deflected her question.

Huxian participated in the defense of Stonehenge on August 19, 2019. The scale of the operation exhausted her, but on the advice of Wiseman she pushed through. During the physical assault of the Arsenal Bird, Huxian was hit and damaged. Although not shot down, she was ordered to retreat by Wiseman.

Huxian was not present for Operation Magic Spear; presumably due to injury or a damaged aircraft as a result of the Stonehenge defense.

However, Huxian would later attend Operation Sighthound as part of Strider Squadron. She repeatably scalded Skald and Count for complaining during the operation. Prior to the operation she expressed distaste for Brigadier-General Clemens.


  • In Chinese mythology, Húxiān (狐仙, literally "fox-fairy") is a supernatural, shapeshifting being derived from a fox. Often depicted as female, it can be fairy-like creatures that can manifest into humans to seduce victims of the opposite sex, but it can also be good omen or even be worshiped as deities depending on tales and regions.


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