Hamada[1] is a desertic region located in an unspecified region of East Africa. In late 2015, the area became a centerpiece in the early stages of the New Russian Federation uprising, coming under attack from the SRN militia.


SRN insurgency[]

In late 2015, the African continent came under siege from the rebel forces of the SRN, which easily overpowered the local governments. Unable to defend themselves, the governing bodies of the area rquested support from the United Nations. As a result, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization formed the international group Task Force 108 to combat the SRN militia.

Task Force 108 arrived to East Africa in December 2015 and set up their headquarters in an airfield in Hamada, formerly occupied by the rebels. In December 21, TF108 launched its first attack in rebel elements in a small settlement, which ended in the detonation of a Trinity warhead. Hours after the invasion, SRN aircraft invaded the NATO airfield and the nearby oil field, causing heavy damage before the Warwolf Squadron and the Russian Red Moon unit drove them out.

The base was used until December 23, when SRN forces attacked the eastern city of Carruth. As Warwolf scrambled and fought off a militia ambush, the Big Bear squadron defected and attacked them, signaling the start of the New Russian Federation's uprising. Shortly thereafter, Carruth was destroyed by the NRF with a Trinity missile.

After the events in the 23rd, Task Force 108 abandoned Hamada and set off to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


  • Hamada (حمادة) is an Arabic term used to describe a type of desert terrain dominated by large plateaus with little sand. Because of this, it is unknown whether it is the actual name of the region.