Handful of Hope is the eighth mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.


In the aftermath of the failed attack on Sand Island, the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron is sent on a patrol mission on the coastal Akerson Hill region to prevent infiltration by small-scale enemy units. The team is divided into two units, one formed by Blaze and Edge and the other by Chopper and Archer.

During their mission, Blaze and Nagase encounter Mother Goose One, a C-5 Galaxy transport that is secretly transporting Osean President Vincent Harling to the country of North Point. Because it is not transmitting a friendly ID signal, it was hit by the anti-air defense network spanning most of Akerson, losing its radar. Blaze leads the transport plane through the network into north Akerson, where Chopper and Grimm reunite.

The squadron scrambles to intercept a Yuktobanian unit aiming to assassinate Harling, fighting it off and driving the survivors away. In the middle of the fight, a "spy" among Mother Goose's crew attacks the pilots, killing the captain and disabling the co-pilot before being subdued. Tommy, the President's secretary, assumes control of the Galaxy and, with the aid of Wardog and his superior, performs an emergency landing.


Mr. Cargo and Tommy

Tommy and an injured Harling.

  • The events inside Mother Goose One involving the "spy" are never shown in detail. However, a concept illustration posted in the nineteenth developer report in the official Ace Combat 5 website (see right) shows the aftermath of the "spy" incident inside Mother Goose One. The image depicts Harling standing in the pilot cabin next to Tommy (shown as a black male) and the deceased capatin, clutching his bleeding right arm.
  • When the spy shoots inside the transport plane, Chopper says: "It's dutch rolling." though there isn't any country that is named Netherlands in Strangereal, so this expression would be out of sense.
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