A handgun is a firearm specifically designed to be held in a person's hands with no additional support necessary. Unlike assault rifles, a handgun's compact size leans toward close-quarters combat rather than long-range shooting. The term pistol has been used interchangeably with the term "handgun" - for the purposes of Acepedia, they are considered to mean the same thing.

The Ace Combat series has occasionally featured handguns, particularly since pilots are issued a handgun in the event they need to bail out over enemy territory.

List of handguns

Walther PP

Erusian soldier captured

The Walther PP is a semi-automatic handgun developed by the German arms manufacturer, Walther. They are popular with European police, and were specifically issued to pilots of the Luftwaffe.

Following the liberation of San Salvacion from Erusean rule, Erusean soldiers were rounded up by the citizens, and likely taken into ISAF custody. One such Erusean soldier was held at gunpoint by two San Salvacion resistance members wielding stainless steel Walther PPs.

Walther PPK


A smaller version of the Walther PP, the Walther PPK is the most common variant of the pistol.

During the Valahia Crisis, Andre Olivieri, CEO of the Olivieri Life Insurance, was known to own a PPK, possibly as a last resort should his plan be revealed.

Beretta 92F

Nagase's Beretta 92F

The Beretta 92F is a standard-issue handgun still being produced today and used worldwide. The armed forces of the United States uses the Beretta 92F under the designation "M9".

The Osean Defense Forces provides Berettas as standard-issue. Both Kei Nagase and Orson Perrault are seen using them: in the former case, to hold Yuktobanian soldiers hostage; in the latter case, firing on Pops, Genette, and Grimm believing them to be traitors.



The HS2000 or XD (X-treme Duty) are a series of semi-automatic pistol from Croatia that are polymer-framed and striker-fired.

Osean prison guards at the 444th Air Base are issued HS2000s as their sidearms; whether or not it has become the standard sidearm for the Osean Defense Forces is unknown. In one scene, Ionela pulls a pistol from one of the guards accompanying Avril Mead and Tabloid at the Lighthouse, and uses it to destroy the data chip containing Mihaly's flight data before tossing the gun aside, stopping short of killing Doctor Schroeder.

Note the ".50" on the barrel of the pistol, denoting the caliber. In reality, .50 is incompatible with the pistol as .45 is the highest caliber it can use.


  • The development history of firearms in the Strangereal universe, including handguns, is not known.


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