Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown's HUD

The Head's Up Display (commonly HUD) is a very important feature included in every Ace Combat game to date. Formats and general position of the HUD vary and are tweaked throughout the whole series, though most commonly include:

  • Ammo counts of the plane's remaining ammo
  • Damage, a general scale of the current condition of the plane
  • Speed, in MPH. Can be changed to KPH via the options menu
  • Alt., in feet (can be changed to meters via options)
  • Score, current point score.
  • Time, amount of time remaining to complete mission. On most missions, if the time is up, the mission fails; however, completing certain criteria and waiting for the time to expire may result in a mission being accomplished or the triggering of a Mission Update.
  • Dynamic Launch Zone, First appears in Ace Combat 2. The DLZ consists of a range scale bar and a caret that moves downward as the target approaches missile range. The thick section of the scale bar denotes weapon's lock-on range and its length varies according to selected weapon in Ace Combat 04 onwards. In most games it's only visible in first person views.
  • Radar, shows where the player and other aircraft and targets are in the combat area. When map button is held, the radar will be expanded to display the entire mission map. In certain PS2 games, map scale is determined by button pressure i.e. holding the button halfway displays zoomed in map.

Special HUD Components

Certain HUD components only appear in certain games: